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Preserved Roses Are the Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

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09:58 AM

Preserved roses are a relatively new addition to the florist industry. Although most of us are familiar with fresh roses because they are used in so many events, they may not be as great as preserved roses. Choosing preserved roses is one of the most romantic ways to express your love for someone on Valentine's Day. They are both a symbol of love and affection. Plus, they look gorgeous!  

Here's why preserved roses are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.



Preserved roses make wonderful gifts for anyone with a keen sense of aesthetics. Preserved roses can last for months, and some can even last for three years, but fresh flowers last on average 7-12 days with adequate care. Therefore, preserved roses are a great gift for anyone who loves flowers and wants to look at them every day for months.



Some people are hesitant to invest in preserved roses because they believe they will detract from the overall aesthetic. However, the fact is that both fresh and preserved roses look quite similar because they are the same rose, but the preserved rose is coated in glycerine and other plant-like components, allowing it to last longer.



Preserved roses are less expensive than fresh roses because you are purchasing a product that will last for a year or more. Preserved roses are reasonably priced, and you may use them on Valentine's Day along with other gifts because they won't burn a hole in your wallet any time soon.


Easy to Maintain

Fresh roses only last a few days after being purchased. Maybe a week if you're lucky. On the other hand, preserved roses are easier to care for because they don't require water or sunlight. So, if your valentine doesn't have time to take care of fresh flowers, giving them a beautiful gift of preserved roses is a great idea.


Sends Reminders

Giving preserved roses on Valentine's Day is not only a romantic gesture, but it also serves as a constant reminder of love to the recipient. When you give preserved roses as a Valentine's Day gift, it reminds the recipient how much you love them and care for them.


Environmentally Friendly

Preserved roses are an excellent choice in this day and age when more and more people are attempting to do better for the environment. You will produce less waste and minimise your carbon footprint because you will not be replacing preserved roses on a regular basis.


Wide Range of Colours

You might believe that preserved roses are only available in a few colours, such as red, pink, and white, but they come in an incredible colour spectrum. You can go with classic colours or go for something different like gold, Tiffany Blue, or black. And the colours are absolutely gorgeous!

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